World IPv6 Day wrap-up

Andrew Daviel, June 2011

WORLD IPV6 DAY was 8 June 2011 -- The Future is Forever test your IPv6/IPv4 connectivity

TRIUMF took part in world IPv6 day (June 8 2011), in so far as the TRIUMF website was dual-stacked using a tunnel from Hurricane Electric (it had both an A and AAAA DNS record), and we monitored 6to4 tunnel traffic at the router.
We did not have a native IPv6 connection, or advertise IPv6 routes. However, the anycast address was not blocked, and organizations upstream (probably Ottix) advertise a route to it, so that some Windows Vista/7 machines onsite automatically created a 6to4 tunnel.

No-one at TRIUMF reported any problems.

IPv6-enabled partner websites

Several universities were IPv6 enabled with help from BCnet (These may no longer be accessible over IPv6)

6to4 tunnel traffic at TRIUMF router - most of that is probably myself, using a tunnel on my desktop.
HTTP requests to (exact addresses redacted):
   138 2001:470:1f0b:df:xxxx:xxxx:xxxx:b542     Private Customer - Hurricane Electric Nijmegen NL
   110 2001:da8:b000:6235:xxxx:xxxx:xxxx:6cb1    Jilin University China
    84 2001:4978:f:431::2                 Andrew Daviel - at home
    81 2001:410:6080:8:xxxx:xxxx:xxxx:d168      CANARIE-IPV6 NETERA-GIGAPOP
    75 2001:660:7102:1:223:xxxx:xxxx:8154       FR-GANIL-CAEN
    75 2001:470:1f05:xxxx:xxxx:913:xxxx:b912    Private Customer - Hurricane Electric Vancouver V6M2B7
    67 2001:da8:b000:6235:dcaf:xxxx:xxxx:7df    Jilin University China
    64 2002:80bd:b706:b:223:32ff:xxxx:xxxx      IANA-V6-6TO4 ??
    64 2001:1948:414:10:xxxx:xxxx:xxxx:1e2f     UEN-V6 Utah Education Network
    62 2001:44b8:7379:xxxx:221:xxxx:xxxx:10a2   INTERNODE1-NET6-AU-20051107
    62 2001:4978:f:4f2::2                 Andrew Daviel - at TRIUMF
    52 2002:8e68:3f94:a:226:xxxx:xxxx:a6d2      IANA-V6-6TO4    UVic ??
    45 2001:200:905:15f1:xxxx:xxxx:xxxx:f44d    APAN-JP Keio University
    45 2001:660:7102:1:222:xxxx:xxxx:xxxx       FR-GANIL-CAEN 
    15 2001:620:400:9:21a:xxxx:xxxx:db60
     4 2001:1868:205::19              
     4 2001:720:1014:160:xxxx:xxxx:xxxx:2dbe    Universidad de Valencia
     2 2001:cc0:f008:640:xxxx:xxxx:d50:xxxx     China Science and Technology Network
     1 2001:470:b:1ae:6083:xxxx:xxxx:xxxx       domain.not.configured. Hurricane Electric
     1 2001:470:b137::2                         Hurricane Electric
     1 2002:8e5a:557d::xxxx:xxxx                IANA-V6-6TO4
     1 2001:610:6f8:0:xxxx:xxxx:xxxx:8ace       SIXXS-NET-PT3648-RIPE
     1 2001:12ff:0:7::144             
     1 2001:6a0:126:1::1              
SIXXS and Hurricane Electric are explicit tunnels. V6-6TO4 is often an automatic tunnel on Windows Vista. Others are native connections. See e.g. here

Seen on other webservers:

     4 2001:4860:4801:1307:0:6006:1300:b075
     1 2001:4860:4801:1302:0:6006:1300:b075
     1 2001:4860:4801:1306:0:6006:1300:b075

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Andrew Daviel