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Using mail filters in Netscape4

For junkmail filtering, see here.

For users using Netscape 4 to read mail, it is possible to use a mail filter to automatically move mail to another folder.

In Netscape, select Communicator.
Select File --> New Subfolder. Create a new folder named e.g. "mbox" as a subfolder of "trmail".

Select Edit --> Message Filters.
Select "Filters for 'Inbox'". Select "New".
Create a filter named "default" with "to" contains "@" (type the @ character into the "contains" box) with action "Move to folder" "mbox". Click OK.
For users of existing filters, this should be the last filter listed.

Providing that you have selected "Clean up Inbox on Exit" in IMAP for server trmail (see second screenshot), incoming mail will be copied to the folder "mbox" and automatically deleted from "Inbox" on exit. Inbox may be cleaned manually by selecting it then selecting "Compatct this Folder".

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