Andrew Daviel

Andrew Daviel
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Institution: TRIUMF

Computer Security Manager/Programmer


4004 Wesbrook Mall
Vancouver BC
V6T 2A3

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Location: 49.2483N 123.2295W Google Map, GPX waypoint, Google Earth location

You can mail me at or

You can also contact me via -
Voice: +1 (604) 222-7376 (add)

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(Thawte WOT is dead...)
Infra-red photographs
More Infra-red photographss - home construction

Recent projects:

... gotta update this more often ...

Not so recent projects:

Even less recent:

Popsicle-Stick Bridge - building a bridge for the APEG.BC contest

Trebuchet in a shoebox

Helby Island plans

Here's a picture of Alastor (my sailboat).

Geo-tagged photo album

Mel's photos

Why is there War? - a short note.

In Memoriam: Carol Todd


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