N810 GPS test programs based on the
Bora Maemo 3.x Connectivity Guide

The executables are ARMEL binaries for the Nokia N810 tablet. They may need to be run
as root to get the GPS to start, though I think they may also work as "user" (the desktop user). They don't
work as a different unprivileged user

Andrew Daviel May 2008
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demo - original, makes gzipped file, requires filename
demo2 - removed some unsupported outputs, don't require a filename (just run the GPS)
demo3 - make uncompressed file
demo4 - also write gps_data_t structure in binary to gps.dat, and write satellite data to stdout (if -s)
demo5 - wait for a fix, printing Unix time, then quit.

The output format is like this:
T=1209671816 M=3 LAT=49.245401 LON=-123.233075 EPH=16.800 ALT=56.400 EPV=8.000 TRK=201.000 EPD=177.577 SPD=0.103
With the (original) version using compressed output, you need to read it with zless or gzip -d, and you
need a filename, so you say
# ./demo -f track.gz

Command line options as per original program.
If "-s" is given, the program writes to stdout as well as to the track file

Usage: %s [-f ] [-s] [-g ] [-r ]
-f , the GPS data is saved in uncompressed form in this file.
-s the program is started by server
-g , the GPS device id i.e., GPS BT address or rfcomm address
-p , GPS BT address of the device to be paired with
-r , in metres (not used at the moment)
-D turn debugging on in this program
-F , flush output file after timeout seconds, default is not to flush
-b daemonize i.e., run in background
-i , save the pid to this file

Andrew Daviel May 2008